What I Learned Wasting Time Learning About How To Save Time

I just thought about an interesting facet of “life hacking”, “lifestyle design”, “productivity improvement” or whatever you want to call it. I’ve just spent several hours browsing through blogs, and websites such as Dumb Little Man and Lifehacker.com. Been reading on everything from how to increase blog productivity and traffic to your site, how to ensure your privacy while browsing online, to all the latest iPhone apps which is particularly relevant because I just got the new iPhone 4 for Christmas a week ago.

I’ve learned about some interesting applications for my PC. I just downloaded “CCleaner” from File Hippo and set it up to scan my PC and remove all the temporary crap that’s cached on my machine. What would normally take hours to do using typical Windows utilities, was done in under a minute! There are several other apps I’d like to look into as well such as DropBox, Evernote and Pandora that I found on a list of top 50 free applications.

For travel hacking I found a site called Points.com that enables you to register and trade member points, frequent flyer miles, or alliance points you may have with companies such as Delta, American Airlines, US Airways, Best Buy, Hilton, Hyatt, Sears or even Starbucks for gift cards or transfers to another reward program you have. It seems like a hagglers bazaar for all the travel programs we all have signed up for. I also read an interesting article about how to use frequent flyer miles and an around the world travel agency to visit over a dozen countries for under $1,000! That’s a travel hack if ever I heard one.

One of the main things I was looking for were interesting iPhone applications. Since I’ve only had my iPhone for less than two weeks, I’ve been combing the web looking for ideas on what kinds of new and exciting apps are available! It looks like there are plenty to choose from so I’ll probably be spending the next few weeks downloading. One premise that looks interesting though that I was reading about is how to install the Android OS on an iPhone. Since I’m currently working as a software engineer, the notion of being able to hack my phone and develop custom apps for it sounds tantalizing.

In the end the thing I realized is I spent several hours browsing through dozens upon dozens of pages on several different websites. Though I was reading all about how to streamline my workload, how to automate sharing files, listening to music more efficiently or working remotely while sitting at Starbucks, in the end, I was still sitting on my couch in my living room and trying to figure out how not to have to go to work in the morning! It just goes to prove taking action is far more important than simply having knowledge.

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