Growing Myself and Finding What Makes Me Happy!

I talked to a friend of mine last night who I haven’t seen in quite awhile! He had let me know that he had just lost his job, and was trying to figure out what he was going to do now. He and I talked and it occurred to me that I had been in his place less than 10 years ago. I was working for a good company, had several years in, thought I had a pretty good future, then WHAM!!! The attacks of 9/11 happened, the airline industry tanked, companies like mine that supported that industry were suddenly whacked and 30% of our workforce was laid off.

Since then I’ve worked for 5 different companies, doing more types of work than I could count. I’ve gone from making as little as minimum wage which was $4.25/hour at the time to over $30/hour now. But one thing that has kept gnawing at the back of my mind has been “Why am I doing this? What do I really want out of life and how do I get there?”

I’ve thought, well maybe making lots of money would be a good thing. I could afford to travel, have a nice house, nice car and all the toys I wanted. But compared to many of the people I know, I make more money than all of them, including my parents! Yet I still have a 10 year old TV. I bought a new car 2 years ago reluctantly at the urging of my family, since I’ve always had used and hand-me-down cars before which I drove until they died. I’ve traveled a bit, but mostly through work, which isn’t bad, but there’s a whole lot of world I want to see! I have a house I can no longer afford right now, because the payment my wife and I were making, is now too expensive for just me! My marriage ended, and it had nothing to do with how much or how little money I made. So obviously money alone wasn’t the answer!

I’ve always been in reasonably good health, but I know plenty of people that aren’t. I’ve had friends who were stricken with cancer in their 20s and 30s. I’ve lost loved ones who were taken before their time. I’ve seen people struggle with addictions, miscarriages, early pregnancies, etc. People who have lost spouses and children through divorce, disease or death. It’s heart-breaking, but I see they are stronger on the other side because of it.

So I seem to keep coming back around to the question, “What would make me happy?” Well I’m discovering I am liking writing, and sharing information with others. I’m discovering there are many people out there like me who have dreams and goals that have nothing to do with material wants, but with seeing the world, experiencing life, learning new skills, helping others, and making a difference in the world. I think that’s what I REALLY want!!!

I want to get up in the morning, not because an alarm clock tells me I have to, after I’ve hit snooze several times. I want to work on something, not because I just need a paycheck so I don’t lose my home or my car is repossessed, but because it excites and energizes me, and makes me feel like I’m making a difference in the world! I want to share my experiences with others, both good and bad, so they can learn from me and I from them, and we can both be better off! I want to grow a business, not just for financial gain, but to prove to myself that my crazy dream when I was younger, was not just a dream, but was possible because I made it possible. Then I want to share that knowledge and experience and help others learn they can realize their dreams and look to me as a roadmap on how to get there. I want to be a model for inspiration to others! I want to feel alive and know I’m making a difference to someone, whether through charity, or learning, or example.

I’m finding through reading and learning, and social media, and experimentation that there are a lot of examples out there, and a lot of people to learn from that I will try to share. There does not need to be a reinventing of the wheel so to speak, to make a difference.

If I can reach out to people through my website or through connections on social media and help raise money for a charitable cause, that will be worthwhile.

If I can help educate someone on how to research stocks so he or she can gain confidence to begin investing for themselves, that will be worthwhile.

If I can help someone learn some tips that I’ve learned on how to research a trip or see an exotic part of the world that they never thought they’d be able to see, that will be worthwhile.

So that is my goal, that is how I intend to grow myself and find ways to make myself happy! I intend to keep writing, keep researching and learning for both me and you, keep sharing information I find of value, hopefully find ways to earn a living doing what I’m enjoying now, to fund some dreams and goals I may have, while showing you how to fund your goals. I hope you’re interested and hope you will continue coming along for the ride!

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