The Travel Site I’ve Been Waiting For!!!

Thank you Frugal Travel Guy for recommending a wonderful site! The website is a blessing in disguise and once I discovered it, I was saying to myself, “Why haven’t I found you sooner?”

In a nutshell, this website allows you to sign up for free and store all of your frequent reward programs in one place. You can register your frequent flyer airline accounts, your car rental rewards programs, hotels, credit cards, even shopping rewards programs in one place. The beauty of this site is once you enter your account number and password, the site connects to that program’s account and shows you your status in real time. It shows you your account numbers, how many miles you have or reward points however applicable for the program, and even each program’s expiration date.

In a couple of hours I was able to register my airlines, hotels and car rewards programs and now have them all available wherever I need them. What’s even better about this site is it even has an app for the iPhone or iPad for free! So I was able to download the app on my phone and view my accounts that way as well. Now I have the same information I would have needed to carry 12 membership cards for in my hand! As of this time the app is not available for Android users.

I would highly recommend you check out this site! Feel free to go to this link and register an account today.

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