More News About Battling Cancer

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog article called “Helping In the Fight Against Cancer” in which I talked about an event I would be participating in. I am captaining a team in the Relay for Life to support the American Cancer Society. This event will be 24 hours over a Saturday and Sunday from April 30th – May 1st. It is a worthwhile event and I am looking forward to it!

In the meantime as part of an effort to provide continuous information about research efforts going on in the fight against cancer, I am providing some additional links to articles of interest about cutting edge technology, new diagnostic techniques, new treatment methodologies, etc. So without further delay, here’s some new information about this dreaded disease, and the efforts of thousands of medical personnel, scientists, students & professors, and organizations to effectively battle against it!

If interested in helping support the ACS, please consider donating to my team’s fund-raising effort. All funds go directly to the American Cancer Society and are tax deductible. You can support my team by donating online here.


On-Off Therapy Works in Prostate Cancer

“ORLANDO — Intermittent androgen deprivation therapy guided by cancer-related biomarkers appears to be just as effective for treatment following prostate cancer therapy as continuous hormonal treatment, researchers said here.”

JHU scientists crack genetic code for form of pancreatic cancer

“Scientists at Johns Hopkins have deciphered the genetic code for a type of pancreatic cancer called neuroendocrine or islet cell tumors. The work, described online in the Jan. 20 issue of Science Express, shows that patients whose tumors have certain coding “mistakes” live twice as long as those without them.

Personalizing Cancer Medicine

Over 1.5 million new cancer cases were identified in the United States in 2010, and despite continued advances in cancer treatment, approximately 500,000 cancer-related deaths occurred in the same year (1). For a long time, cancer therapies were a one-size-fits-all, depending on the cancer type. In recent years however, the need has emerged to develop a more enlightened paradigm in which treatments are better tailored towards the individual uniqueness of the cancer.”

Purdue Physicist Creates Cancer Cell Motion Detecting Technology

Purdue University physicist David Nolte has developed technology that can detect motion inside tumors to better gauge the reaction to various drug therapies. “

Tumor Cells in Transit Along A Laser-Lit Cancer Highway

Scientists used infrared laser light to destroy cancer cells lodged in lymphatic vessels, stopping the spread of tumor cells – in mouse ears and pig hooves, for now. “

Chemical Guided Missile Could Be the Answer to Wiping Out Cancer

Deakin University medical scientists have created the world’s first cancer stem cell-targeting chemical missile, placing them a step closer to creating a medical ‘smart bomb’ that would seek out and eradicate the root of cancer cells.”

Mammograms, Now in 3D!

just received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for the first ever 3-D digital mammography system for screening breast cancer.”

Slowing Growth of Bladder, Breast Cancer Cells

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have discovered that nitroxoline, an antibiotic commonly used around the world to treat urinary tract infections, can slow or stop the growth of human breast and bladder cancer cells by blocking the formation of new blood vessels. The results, appearing in the Dec. 15 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, suggest that nitroxoline shows promise as a potential therapeutic agent. “

Can Pomegranate Pills Fight Prostate Cancer?

“Taking a pomegranate pill a day may help slow the progression of prostate cancer, preliminary research suggests.”

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