4 Conferences On My “To Do” List

Has there ever been an event on your “To Do” list that you really wanted to go to? Maybe a festival such as Lollapalooza? Maybe an artistic event like SXSW? Maybe it’s just attending a film premiere or being in the audience for American Idol?

For me, there are several events on my “to do” list that I very much want to experience to better myself and broaden my horizons. I want to learn about lifestyle design, the latest new technologies, the latest ways people are improving the world around them, and how to improve my own life in the process! Though there are many places and experiences on my bucket list, there are four specific events, four conferences that I very much want to attend! The four are:

  • World Domination Summit
  • Unleash the Power Within
  • TED
  • Black Hat Briefings

You may be asking, what’s so special about a conference that I would write about them, much less want to attend them? After all, aren’t conferences the things nerds with pocket protectors go to, or something your job sends you to, in some obscure corner of the country?


Here’s some brief information about what each of these events brings to the table and why they are on my list.

“World Domination Summit”

— In 2011, Chris Guillebeau, the founder of the Art of Non Conformity website, established an event in Portland, Oregon for lifestyle designers, entrepreneurs, non-conformists, and those who judge themselves as not quite fitting into the box society has placed them in! This event, a 3 day immersion, includes topics such as travel hacking, writing your first book, living and working overseas, how to start a small business, and how to express yourself! It’s also a chance to meet with 500+ like-minded bloggers, artists, business owners, world travelers and more.

For more information about the WDS, check out Chris Guillebeau’s blog post “Save the Date! Announcing the 2012 World Domination Summit” over at AONC.

I’m proud to say, I will be attending this event this summer!!! Looking forward to meeting a whole group of non-conformists in July!

“Unleash the Power Within”

— Tony Robbins feels like a friend to me, based on how much of his coaching and lessons I’ve immersed myself in over the years! I own several of his products including “Get the Edge“, “Power Talk“, “Awaken the Giant Within” and “Giant Steps“. I listen to his interviews with other outstanding people, and his sessions on my iPhone while at work. I’ve watched him on TED and the OWN network. To me, he is a true statesman and person who makes you truly think about what’s important in life, and how to get it!

I want to experience one of his live events to see the man in person. I want to do the fire-walk experience and bust through my own limiting beliefs!!! I want to be surrounded with other people who can also inspire me to be more than I currently am. Most of all, I want to learn to “LIVE WITH PASSION!!!


— As a technology fan and person interested in learning about the latest developments in areas such as technology, science, healthcare, human development, and much more, TED is a smorgasbord of information! Of the 1,000+ speakers who have participated at TED, some of the ones I’ve found most interesting have included Tony Robbins, Dan Pink, Derek Sivers, Bill Gates, Seth Godin, Dr. Robert Ballard and Sir Richard Branson. For a review I wrote about the TED conference and why I want to be there, check out my earlier post, “What I Learned from TED“.

In this video, a statement is made that I think perfectly summarizes why I want to attend this conference and why others should to.

“… it’s about solving the problems of the world, and using really creative solutions to do so.”

“Black Hat Briefings”

— As an engineer and technology geek with an interest in computer security, and someone who probably saw Hollywood depictions of hackers a few too many times, Black Hat represents the misfit’s playground! It is a chance to listen in on what the underground hacker community as well as those charged with the Internet’s protection are doing. Plus the fact that it takes place in Las Vegas certainly doesn’t hurt!

For information on what Black Hat is and what kinds of things the underground community is doing, check out the Black Hat Briefings website. Just beware what you click on!!!

There you have it. Four of the biggest events on my “to do” list that I’m hoping to be able to scratch off in the not too distant future. I’m already attending the World Domination Summit this summer. So with a little planning, I should be able to make the others happen in the next few years. Stay tuned for my feedback on WDS and what I gained from it in a future post later this summer!

— What events are on your “to do” list that would make a lasting impact on your life?

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